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This legislation will allow voters in each parish to approve fantasy sports gambling on the November ballot. If voters in a parish reject it, people could not legally play the games on their smartphones or computers there.  Even if parishes approve fantasy sports gambling, additional legislation will be needed in 2019 to figure out  how to regulate and tax the games . The state's Gaming Control Board would also have to come up with rules for how fantasy sports apps would be allowed to operate in Louisiana. Most fantasy sports smartphone applications offer daily fantasy sports games played against strangers, rather than season-long leagues. The apps enable fans to play multiple games and spend money more easily than traditional fantasy sports setups. Louisiana riverboat casinos will now be able to apply to move ashore within 1,200 feet of their current location. They will need to provide an economic development justification for doing so.   Even if they don't move ashore, the riverboat casinos will be able to expand their gambling operations under a new law. Louisiana's 15 riverboat casinos currently have to abide by a 30,000-square-foot limitation on where gambling can take place in their facilities, but that restriction will be changed to a cap of 2,365 gambling positions in each riverboat. No riverboat currently that many gambling seats. The Golden Nugget in Lake Charles -- Louisiana's newest casino -- comes closest with 2,152.

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